• Bordeaux

    Perhaps the most famous wine producing region in the world. Known for red blends. (83,826 wines from 7 subregions)
  • Burgundy

    Home of the canonical old world Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays (14 wines from 3 subregions)
  • Champagne

    The best known region for sparkling wine. Truly some great stuff. (1 wine from 2 subregions)
  • Cognac

    9 wines from 1 subregion
  • Languedoc Roussillon

    France's melting pot for wine. Influence from Rhone, Bordeaux and the Mediteranean. (719 wines from 2 subregions)
  • Loire Valley

    Known for Chenin blanc and other whites, but produces a bit of everything. (39 wines from 3 subregions)
  • Provence

    From Southeastern France, known for Rose's as well as red blends. (29 wines)
  • Rhône

    Home of Cotes du Rhone, and best known for red blends, but produces all sorts of good stuff. (39 wines from 3 subregions)
  • Southwest France

    AKA "Sud-Ouest." Contains Dordogne/Bergerac, Garonne, and Gascony. Known for unusual varietals. (1,526 wines from 3 subregions)