• Varietals

    Browse varietals produced in Germany
  • Ahr

    1,294 wines
  • Baden

    1 subregion, 4,497 wines
  • Germany

    Wines that blend grapes from different regions within Germany (821 wines)
  • Mosel Saar Ruwer

    Famous for Riesling, but limited production of other wines. (28,140 wines)
  • Pfalz

    Another great German location for Rieslings (11,719 wines)
  • Rheingau

    Highest producer of Rieslings in Germany (9,991 wines)
  • Rheinhessen

    Produces mostly white wine from a variety of grapes, particularly Müller-Thurgau and Silvaner, and is best known as the home of Liebfraumilch, although some previously underrated Rieslings are also made (9,221 wines)