• Arizona

    2 subregions, 2,608 wines
  • California

    The biggest wine producing region in the U.S. Known for Cabernets, but produces almost every varietal. (11 subregions, 482,852 wines)
  • Hawaii

    3 subregions, 135 wines
  • New York

    Third in the US in wine production, and has been making a name for itself as of late with Pinots and Burgundy's. (5 subregions, 15,257 wines)
  • Oregon

    Produces many varietals and blends, but best known for Pinot Noir. (2 subregions, 47,353 wines)
  • USA

    Wines that blend grapes from different regions within USA (1 wine)
  • Virginia

    An emerging producer, mostly for Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. (10 subregions, 11,831 wines)
  • Washington

    Produces over 30 varietals, including some remarkable reds. (2 subregions, 63,635 wines)