2014 Abras Torrontés
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  • RATING 87.00
  • 2012 - 2015
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"These wines are handcrafted by the renowned Altocedro winemaker Karim Mussi Saffie. from high-desert (5,700 feet above sea level) Cafayate vineyards. The ancient Incas used the "Abras" to navigate the Andes mountains in Salta, Argentina. "Abras" were natural trails created by earthquakes or rivers, which allowed the Incas to connect their vast empire. For them, Abras were a blessing from the "Pacha Mama" to which they would leave offerings. In the same way that the Incas used to thank the "Mother Earth" before starting a new adventure trough these paths, we want to honor our friends with this Abras Malbec and Torrontés from the unique and singular terroir of Cafayate, Salta." SEE MORE ...

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